A Personalized & Automated Web Syndication Service for Your Research.

Flawless Learning

Imagine your own individualized resource that provides only relevant information you need to stay up-to-date in your research niche. Whether it is telephonic interventions for weight management in DM-II, retroviral treatments for Hep-C, or even bone marrow transplants in adults with SCD and chronic pain.


All the information you need is in just one tab, not 50.


Automatic and intelligent updates to your personalized content across all platforms.


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Automatic Intelligent Updates

Automatically updates every 15 minutes for only new relevant information.


Personalized web service available on any digital device.

Private or Public

Password protect your content or share to the world.

Embed Within a Existing Site

Aptly data can easily be embedded into a existing site.

Newsletter Updates

Receive updates when new content is found every day, every other day, or in weekly summaries.

No Ads

No advertisements, no marketing, no spam.

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